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For Bird and Train Lovers of all Ages

Welcome to Birds on the Branchline

If You Love Birds and or Scenic Train Rides

Then why not join us in an exciting  “New Project” called ‘Birds on the Branchline’ where we’re looking for volunteers who can help us explore and celebrate the heritage of song birds and their habitat on the St Ives Bay line.

Please bear with us while we add the content to the site, we are working on it now and would expect to be fully running by April 3rd 2023.

Some features maybe available sooner, so check back to see on our progress.

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Aquatic Warbler

Videos on "Birds on the Branchline"

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Our Videos

A Little Bird told me...

A Little Bird Told Me…

Song & Video
Pigeon Poem

Pigeon Poem

Pigeon Poem Video
Word Bird

Word Bird

Song/Poem by Sally Crabtree
Magic Train Ride

Magic Train Ride

Sing-A-Long Video of the Book

About BotBline

Artconnexion is thrilled to have been awarded funding from GWR to deliver a new project called Birds on the Branchline, which will explore and celebrate the heritage of song birds and their habitat on the St Ives Bay line.

We are inviting people worldwide to share their inspiration. Our activities we will include planting seeds that can help grow wild flowers to attract new species of birds; designing and making nesting boxes and a Bird Palace (inspired by those from the Ottomona Empire) that can offer sanctuary to the birds.

Writing songs for the Song Station and poems for the Poetree; delivering award winning creative literacy/nature inspired educational workshops and a Magic Train Ride trip for young children, inspired by our best selling ‘Magic Train Ride’ sing-a-long book.

We will be also creating a limited edition of Cornish Art Fudge, featuring edible miniature works of art inspired by the project and making animations for a tiny Word Bird theatre/cinema that will be unveiled at the end of the project.

Children in front of PoeTree
Children with the PeoTree
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Songs, Poems & Stories

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Lots of ways to Enjoy Birds on the Branchline

Fun Activities

Planting Seeds

Planting Seeds

Planting seeds that can help grow flowers to attract new species of birds.

Bird Nesting Box

Making Nesting Boxes

Design & make nesting boxes & a Bird Palace.

Girl with Guitar

Writing Songs & Poems

Writing songs for the 'Song Station' & poems for the 'Poetree'.

Sally on the Train
Magic Train Ride

Creative Workshops

Getting involved in creative & educational workshops, plus a "Magic Train Ride" trip.

Cornish Fudge

Making Fudge

Creating limited edition 'Cornish Art Fudge'.

Animated Bird

Creating Animations

Create Animations for the Word Bird theatre, cinema & website.

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